Designed for disaster

Have you ever looked at your hands…like REALLY looked at your hands? Our mitts are massively complicated assemblages of ligaments and bone. Human hands help us pick up pencils, swim freestyle stroke, and even occasionally type blog posts. 30 million years of descent with modification, random variation, selection and adaptation separate our paws from orangutan […]

Mad about MadTown

Hello from the cheesiest place on Earth! When we last spoke, I was packing all of my possessions into a one-way rental car and blasting off from my happy hometown into parts unknown… Two days on the road later, after an ungodly amount of gas-station coffee guzzled, innumerable sticks of trident gum masticated, and an […]

Is there a doctor in the house?

Distinguished colleagues, it is truly a delight to (digitally) spend time with you today and discuss the diverse consequences of head-on replication-transcription conflicts in Bacillus subtilis. Hopefully you will find my seminar to be intellectually stimulating, and scientifically scintillating. Now let’s begin with a brief overview of the bacterial replication machinery. Wait! Come back, gentle […]

Marathonsam plays politics

Friends, countrymen, constituents, taxpayers, campaign contributors, lend me your ears! Four score and seven years ago our forefathers…were drinking bathtub gin and dancing the Charleston. Now we are engaged in a great congressional clusterfuck, testing whether our nation or any nation so conceived can long endure such  gratuitous gridlock and puerile partisan poppycock. As a […]